This design is based on the Americas Cup series of the 80’s the most exciting chapter of the America’s Cup.

This is a one design class 1 meter

The construction consist of epoxy cloth laminate making the hull and deck strong rigid and light.

Mast bulkheads are installed when the hull is in its mold assuring that each hull produced will be identical.

The rudder is made of urethane casting resin incorporating the rudder shaft.

Mast and booms are Carbon fiber tubes. All mast parts are 3D printed making for easy assembly of the mast.

You have the option of making your own sails based on the class drawing. The sails are none paneled and any sail material is allowed.

I use a Taffeta polyester coated 70 grams per square meter material that I have had developed by the manufacture making for good performance and user friendly material to work with.

Ballast consists of # 9 lead shot that can be placed by the customer or by H2o RC Design. Some consideration if you order the lead it can affect the cost of shipping.

Complete boat is less than 10 pounds, 4.5 kg

LOA 1000 mm 39.4″
LWL 720 mm 28.3″
BEAM 195 mm 7.7″
BALLAST 2.3 kg 5 lbs
DSPL 3.9 kg 8.5 lbs

This s a One Design Class

100% Epoxy aminate pigmented resin

Available in multple kit formats

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