I started H2o RC Design out of the sheer love of boats. At first I would design boats and make molds of each boat incase anyone in my club would be interested in a hull.

Today I have reproduce production molds that would accommodate a larger volume of hulls due to the demand I am presently experiencing.

My design criteria for sail boats are based on 3 main factors.

1. The boats should be constructed of composite materials with epoxy resins.
2. All of the produced hulls are based on a One Design concept. Making all boats virtually equal. That being said the results of a race would be based on the sailor’s ability.
3. The boats are designed to weigh no more then 10 pounds 4.5 KG. They must be easy to launch, transport and store.

I also produce speed boats for example a F1 Tunnel Hull ether for nitro or electric drive systems.

I welcome all to take a tour of the site and please do not hesitate in contacting me should you have any questions.

Thank you.

Hervé Ducourneau